Balkan Unity

Globalisation, both economic and political (the “new world order”), is pushing humanity toward a new dark age which would make Orwell’s 1984 pale in comparison. The mass media, under the asphyxiating control of corporate capital, are reduced to mere propaganda tools. The rights of working people in the developed countries are being demolished at an astonishing rate. Countries and entire continents are being destroyed, with no one raising a voice to protest.

The organised forces of the “left”, instead of representing the interests and aspirations of the oppressed, are being transformed into lackeys of imperialism. Faced with an entirely new situation, those trying to answer it with old formulas end up giving a “left” cover to the steamroller of the new world order.

On the other hand, events such as the heroic resistance of Yugoslavia to the onslaught of NATO, the demonstrations against the WTO in Seattle, or the stoning of French PM Jospin by students of the Birzeit University, show that the oppressed masses have not been defeated and have a tremendous potential for resistance.

What is sorely missing is the organisation that will unify these forces and lead them from the field of defence to the attack. It is our belief that, just as the nightmare of WW I led to the Russian Revolution and the creation of the Third International, now again the intensified attack of imperialism on all fronts can only lead to the creation of a new revolutionary leadership, both on a national and international level.

In this site you will find news the corporate media are hiding from you. You will also find theoretical articles on various issues that are of particular importance in this period, such as the national question, immigration, etc.