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On Zionism

The Hidden History of Zionism by Ralph Schoenman:

This book, written in 1988, amid the primary Intifada, is today as pertinent as ever. From the ad spot of the book:

“The Hidden History of Zionism” smashes four superseding myths which have formed the awareness of a great many people in this general public about Zionism and the condition of Israel.

The first is that of “a land without a people for people without a land.” The second is the myth of Israeli majority rules system. The third myth concerns “security” as the engine constraint of Israeli approach. The fourth myth, maybe the most unavoidable, dishonestly asserts Zionism as the ethical legatee of the casualties of the Holocaust, whose safeguard and resistance the Zionists undermined and contradicted.

This book uncovers the arrangement of slaughters instituted by the Zionist development to drive out the Palestinian populace. It uncovered, also, the mystery double-crossing by Zionist pioneers of a large number of Jews killed by the very Nazis with whom Zionist pioneers teamed up.

It finishes up by portraying a technique for change and the main arrangement perfect with equity and the just privileges of all, to be specific a law based and common Palestine where rights spill out of citizenship instead of ethnic personality or religious starting point.